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    文章來源: 作者: 發布時間:2020年05月30日 點擊數: 字號:


    Daily maintenance and trouble shooting of washing machine


    [guidance information] in today's developing social environment. As the leader of the cleaning equipment alliance, the cleaning car overwhelms human labor. Although machines and equipment can't talk. But it will also be "too tired" and use actions to prove its temper. In order to avoid the "temper strike" of hand pushing car washing, we need to do a good job in the maintenance of electric trolleys while using the equipment.


    We all know that the washing machine has two boxes: the sewage tank and the clean water tank. Our maintenance of the washing machine is divided into several steps:


    Step one: empty the sink. In the process of operation, the machine absorbs a large amount of water mixture containing sludge, which is easy to accumulate in the water tank and emit odor. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the water tank with flowing water.


    Step 2: remember to empty the water tank of the automatic floor washer. Especially when cleaning every day, otherwise the stagnant water will become the source of bacteria and so on. It can also cause water leakage due to improper operation, resulting in unnecessary losses (such as burning the motor).


    Step 3: once a week, check the abrasion of the brush plate and suction grid of the automatic hand washing car. If there is more friction on the ground, the strong pressure on the ground will damage these accessories or accelerate their wear. Under normal circumstances, the brush disc can be replaced after 50 hours of use, while the water absorption tape should be replaced or turned up and down after 30 hours of use (when all four sides of the tape are still available).


    Step 4: check whether the water absorption belt of the battery washing car is clean and clean the water absorber. One of the blockage of the suction belt and the water absorber weakens the suction effect, and the rubber strip and the filter screen need to be cleaned by flowing water.


    Daily machine maintenance is very important for professional machines. In particular, machines that work with water, such as battery bottom washers, require simple maintenance daily or after cleaning tasks.

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